is over, however, you can still make a year-end donation.

You can also view the live stream of our Giving Tuesday event by clicking the red button.​​

The Brewster Theater is a 501(c)3 volunteer run organization. Your donations of any size matter!

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​You have the option of purchasing a ticket AND making a donation. Each level only includes one restaurant gift certificate of $20.  If you purchase and make a donation, each level still includes just one restaurant certificate for $20. For example, if you purchase two tickets at the $100 level, (a total of $200)  you are getting two restaurant gift certificates for $20 each (a total of $40) and making a donation of $160. 

Tickets and donations are non-refundable.

Tickets for attending the event live are sold-out but you can view the live stream on our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to provide a Giving Tuesday donation, use the green button above.

Sponsored by 

Yelena Bregman - A New Year's Eve Delay

Chris Gillespie - Take Me Up

Bob Dumont - The Devil You Knew

Jake McGuire - That's the Spirit​​

​Jean Mazzilli - Excelsis Deo

​Steven Rowe - Distant Christmas Memories

Larry Eckerle - The Winds of War

Our Holday Story Hour will feature the talents of:

Join us at our favorite restaurant -

Iron and Wine 

3191 Route 22

Patterson, NY 12563

for our Giving Tuesday event - Holiday Stories.

Each ticket includes a $20 gift card to be used at Iron & Wine on November 29th. 

Ticket price includes the gift card and a donation level. The ticket price above $20 is tax deductible.  Brewster Theater Company is a 501(c)3.

Tickets and donations are non-refundable. 

Gift card must be used on November 28h at the event. You will receive the card upon entry. 

​Story Hour is a unique format of the experiences of six performers and their unique holiday tales. RSVP is a must. 

Our Giving Tuesday event will be live-streamed and is our annual fundraiser. Please consider supporting the theater. We have done great things for our community and support hundreds of volunteers in their pursuit of artistic and theatrical expression. We need your help to continue to grow and provide quality programming.