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Day of Infamy

Joe Manuele

Letter from Santa Claus

Steve Zerilli

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Mario Riccobon

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Maria Stewart - An Address

Jamonica Warren

Voices of Winter is our 2020 Virtual Fundraiser.  In a year when we need the holidays more than ever, we have also become more awakened to the hardships, joys, and difficulties that surround this hopeful season.

This program highlights eleven unforgettable events that helped shape our lives, our holiday conversations, and our history. 

A new performance will be aired on our Facebook page every 15 minutes starting at 4PM.  Performances will repeat at 7PM.

Join us and please consider a donation to help us reopen our doors in 2021 as we plan for an outdoor season of fun, music, and new material.

Christmas Message from Churchill

Dan Friedman

Little Women - Excerpt

Judy Brewster

Rosa Parks - I got on the bus

Sofia Sanchez

During the 20 year run of Brewster Theater Company, we have produced dozens of great shows with hundreds of actors and have had tens of thousands of attendees.  We are grateful for all you have done.

Like many arts organizations everywhere, 2020 was a year we could have never anticipated. For most of the year, our stages were dark, however, expenses still were incurred. 

We are asking for your support to reopen our doors in 2021!  We are planning a new outdoor season and to accomplish this we need your help!

If you are an actor who has been on our stage, enjoyed working with our stage crews or building sets, or simply attended a show, we need your support now! Every donation, large or small, will help us keep our doors open in 2021.

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Homes of Single Women

Mollie Toscano

Performances in Voices of Winter are by Stacy Dumont, Judy Brewster, Mario Riccobon, Steve Zerilli, Dan Friedman, Joe Manuele, Jamonica Warren, Mollie Toscano, Robert Dumont, Pam DeHuff, Sofia Sanchez, and Vinny LaRusso.  Produced by Bob Dumont.

Letter Home after Seeing Bob Hope

Vinny LaRusso

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The Trade Mart Speech

Rob Dumont

Letter from Abigail

Pam DeHuff

The Vietnam Draft Lottery

Bob Dumont