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Directed by Christopher Gladysz, Produced by Joe Manuele

Please prepare a brief monologue for auditions
Performances May 3 - 11

A comedic drama by C.P. Taylor, this play follows the course of World War II as experienced by a working-class family in Newcastle, each scene being opened by a member of the family addressing the audience or singing a song of the period. In wartime there are no public worries, only private worries, and this story of the family's personal relationships, preoccupations, troubles and joys suggests, perhaps, the reason why, with all the perils and troubles besieging it, the human race will continue to survive. A family experience that is immediate, touching, and ultimately universal. C.P. Taylor's eye and ear for detail and his depiction of the human heart make this simple romance into a story of wit and passion.  And a Nightingale Sang explores the family's personal relationships, preoccupations, troubles and joys, and is a rich, warm picture of home life in wartime. 

CASTING -3 women, 4 men

Helen: Main character in the play. Narrates the story, and if the center of the key storyline of her romance with Norman.

Norman: A soldier, originally one of Eric's friends, soon a couple with Helen. One reason why they fall for each other is that Norman, like Helen, lacks confidence in himself. However, Norman is also cowardly in many ways, not least that he is never honest with Helen about his past. 

Joyce: Helen's younger sister. Marrying Eric shortly before he is called up for service, worries about whether he's all right soon give way to squabbles and confrontation.

Eric: Begins as Joyce's suitor, swiftly becomes Joyce's husband. One of the escapees of Dunkirk, it is hinted - though never explicitly stated - that he was unfaithful to her during this time. The one thing he has in common with Joyce is youthful impetuousness.

George: Also known as "the coalman", father to Helen and Joyce. George has two obsessions in life. The first is his post of air raid warden that he takes far more seriously than the rest of the family. The second one is his piano and playing all the latest tunes.

Peggy: Mother to Helen and Joyce, wife to George. The most religious of the family - hence her nickname "the saint" - also the most panic-riddled and superstitious, she seemingly spends most of her time going to or from confession, although she lets a more materialistic side slip through when she buys clothes from London of dubious origin and rationing status. Doggedly sticking to her role as homekeeper as the war goes on, relations get very strained with Helen late in the play as she learns of her increasingly unconventional relationship with Norman.

Andie: Grandfather of the family, known as the old soldier, and father to Peggy. Splits his time between his two daughters' houses, but make no secret that this one is his favourite. Taking the war the least seriously out of the family, Andie is far more obsessed with his various dubiously-acquired pets, to the point where he's prepared to misappropriate a baby respirator for his favourite cat, much to the horror of his son-in-law.

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Broadway Bound II
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Sunday, February 3rd 2 -6 pm

Directed by Pam DeHuff

Come prepared to sing a song from the style and theme of the cabaret.  Bring sheet music in your key. An accompanist will be available.

Rehearsal Wednesdays March 13th,20th  and 27th
Performances: Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th at 7:30pm